If the Store You Shop at Doesn’t Carry CocoBright, Let Us Know.

You can help your local store by recommending them to us. We can then invite our customers to buy their CocoBright locally at that store in your area.

Just send us the name of the store, the owner’s name if you know it, and their phone number in the message on the contact form below, and use your name and email, and we will reach out to the store on your behalf.

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If You Own a Store and Want More Traffic, Contact Us.

There are hundreds of thousands of searches done each month in Michigan alone for Coconut Oil Toothpaste. Would you like a little of that traffic coming to your store?

Please call us at 810 705-0581 or fill out the form below and we will not only help you get CocoBright into your store, but we will also help promote your business

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Toothpaste You Can Trust

Gluten Free

No Fluoride
No Glycerin
No Silica
Not Tested on Animals

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