Frequently Asked Questions

Glycerin is a natural product, but there is evidence that it coats the teeth preventing them from remineralizing. Since Coconut Oil’s amazing effects on teeth is often attributed to it’s ability to help remineralize the teeth, we didn’t want anything preventing that.

The enamel on your teeth is susceptible to scratching, somewhat like glass. You want an abrasive that will help remove debris on your teeth without scratching the enamel. When the enamel is scratched, the teeth can start to turn greyish. Baking Soda is the very best abrasive for cleaning your teeth without scratching them. Silica (or hydrated silica) is much harder than baking soda and can scratch the enamel on your teeth. So we avoided Silica in order to make sure your teeth are clean, not scratched.

No, CocoBright will not clog drains. CocoBright uses a special formulation of coconut oil that retains all the natural properties for your teeth, but doesn’t harden in your drains.

CocoBright is safe for children, but NOT for pets. Your children can even swallow their toothpaste (so if they are in the car and forgot to brush their teeth, just give them a little CocoBright on their finger or an extra toothbrush, and they can brush and swallow right there.) But the Xylitol that is wonderful for your children’s teeth, is not safe for pets.

Yes, you should brush with only medium or soft bristles. If the bristles are pushed out to the sides on your toothbrush, then you are brushing too hard. Other than that, with CocoBright you don’t need a fancy toothbrush. The fancy is in your toothpaste 🙂

Coconut Oil swished around in your mouth when you brush your teeth will help with getting into those hard to reach areas that you can’t reach with a toothbrush. However, flossing is still recommended for the best results.

Yes, CocoBright is excellent for your mouth even if you wear dentures.

Toothpaste You Can Trust

Gluten Free

No Fluoride
No Glycerin
No Silica
Not Tested on Animals

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