Hi, I’m Daniel

Our Story Starts…

with our mom making one of the DIY coconut oil toothpaste recipes online after reading how great coconut oil is for oral health. Her dentist was shocked at how great her teeth and gums looked after just two weeks of using the toothpaste. Then our mom wanted us to use the toothpaste.

Hi, I’m Joseph

What did we do?

We tried to find coconut oil toothpaste in the stores, but there were none there. So we decided to make our own. We used the ingredients our mom used in her toothpaste, and consulted with a renowned microbiologist to make sure it had great flavor and consistency. When we shared it with family and friends, they loved it, and wanted more. So here we are.

Toothpaste You Can Trust

Gluten Free

No Fluoride
No Glycerin
No Silica
Not Tested on Animals

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