There are many claims about the health benefits of coconut oil. While we don’t make any claims ourselves, it’s interesting to read what others are saying about it.

A popular blog. Remedy Daily. wrote  an interesting article that discusses eight surprising effects they’ve found from coconut oil on the health of those who use it.  Their list consisted of

  1. Support Thyroid Function
  2. Increase Sun Tolerance & Avoid Sunburn
  3. Treat Yeast Infections
  4. Boost Metabolism
  5. Sooth Eczema and Other Skin Conditions
  6. Alleviate Allergies and Treat Sinus Infections
  7. Relieve Constipation
  8. Fight Acne

Some of these use coconut oil internally, and others externally.

The nice thing about using a coconut oil toothpaste (that you can swallow) is you are giving the benefits of coconut oil to your body every time you brush your teeth.  The coconut oil is absorbed through the tissues in the mouth and, if you swallow it, through your digestive system.

The way we look at it, whether these claims are true or not, you have your bases covered when you brush your teeth with CocoBright.  

Here’s the article