Emma Scheibert asked for a sample of our CocoBright Coconut Oil Toothpaste when she heard us speak at a YEA competition. We gave her one of our sample tubes to try. She later wrote:

“I’ve tried pulling Coconut Oil previously, with fairly good results….my drain wasn’t impressed AT ALL, nor was my Dad!  What a mess it made.  I’m not sure how they did it, but the folks at CocoBright figured out how to get the benefits of Coconut Oil with out pesky drain blocking or clogging.  I love white teeth, but harsh whiteners can make your teeth very sensitive.  I’m a huge fan of CocoBright Toothpaste.  My gums have never been this healthy, or smile this bright white.  Thank you, CocoBright.” Emma Scheibert, Miss Stateline Michigan’s Outstanding Teen

We are in discussions with packaging facilities now and hope to launch CocoBright by the end of May or beginning of June 2017.

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We look forward to getting more positive reviews as CocoBright finds its way into the homes of families who want the benefits of coconut pulling without the hassle.