Mom and Daughter brushing their teethMany people we’ve talked to are using coconut oil for their teeth. They’ve read studies and testimonials attesting to coconut oil’s remarkable benefits for teeth and gums and wanted to get those benefits for themselves.

The only problem is that coconut oil clogs drains, and doesn’t taste very good, and won’t adapt itself to a paste that can easily be squeezed out of a tube.

People want their coconut oil so bad however, that they workaround the problems by spitting into the trash instead of the sink, and using jars to dip their toothbrush into instead of squeezing it from a tube (which isn’t sanitary for more than one user), and they just tolerate the weird taste.

We decided to take on the challenge to go where no other coconut oil toothpaste has gone before – to provide all the benefits of coconut oil for teeth and gums without any of the problems.

It took months of experimentation, and consultations with two microbiologists, to get a coconut oil toothpaste that does not clog drains, can be squeezed from a tube, and tastes so good even kids love it.

What was our secret? Well, that’s still our secret. But now you can use coconut oil for your teeth with problems, or without problems. You’re welcome.